About Us
Market Maker International Group Ltd


Market Maker International Group (MMIG for short) was established in 2010. At the early stage, its initial business was primarily to provide consulting, outsourcing and value transferring services for a number of well-known market makers and online banking. After years of development, MMIG has its own independent overseas R & D team. Its main business has also involved all aspects of the financial industry chain.

Since 2012, MMIG has turned its focus on Asia and put great effort in developing its business in Asia-Pacific region. In 2017, MMIG accelerated its strategic layout in the Middle East.Now, MMIG has been the strategic advisor on the financial service of the United Arab Emirates in the Asia Pacific.


MMIG now has a crew of senior professional management personnel who have been working in the international financial investment agencies for years. MMIG also has established long-term cooperative service network with a number of international banks and financial companies.


MMIG now has a super research and development team which all peer financial institutions wish to have. All the team members are elites from various fields, such as software developers from IBM, HUAWEI, APPLE and SAMSUNG. This has endowed MMIG with the capability to customize the software development which can meet the requirement of any financial market maker.


MMIG has an in-depth cooperation with finance-related industries, such as financial media industry, financial law firms, and financial services institutions, which has made sure that all MMIG’s cooperation partners will get a full range of related services.


MMIG adheres to the philosophy that “there is nothing we cannot do but you cannot imagine”.


MMIG believes financial integration is the key to maintain its position at the top of the industry.

MMIG has a culture of continuous updating and learning. This unswerving faith has motivated MMIG to maintain its leading position in the industry.


2010 Establishment of Market Maker International Group (MMIG)
2011 Allocation of market maker business to New Zealand Division
2012 Formation of MMIG W&L Team
2012 Formation of MMIG Trust Team
2012 Formation of MMIG Law Team
2012 Entering the Asia-Pacific market, launching market maker services and white label business
2013 Formation of MMIG R&D Team
2014 Foundation of Australia Asia Division
2015 Foundation of Cyprus European Division
2016.7 Purchase Forex group Australia Pty ltd
2017.9 Establish a branch company in Malaysia